Why Elizabeth Warren?

Here’s why Democrat Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts, should run for President of the United States:

Champion for working families

One of the country's top experts on the economic pressures facing America's middle class, Senator Warren has spent her career taking on corporate interests and winning historic financial protections for workers and small businesses. TIME Magazine referred to her as a “New Sheriff of Wall Street” for her work holding big banks accountable and protecting consumers.

Fearless and passionate advocate

In Washington, Senator Warren led and won the fight to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has already recovered more than $1.5 billion dollars and returned the money to Americans who had been ripped off by Wall Street. She has never been afraid to speak truth to power—whether it comes to solving the challenges of student loan debt, protecting and expanding Social Security, or defending women’s rights to reproductive health care and equal pay.

A shot at leveling the playing field

Senator Warren recognizes that, for too many years, America’s middle class has been “chipped, squeezed, and hammered” and that “the system is rigged” in favor of big corporations and those with money and power. She’s here to change that.

Middle-class economic issues in the national agenda

There’s no better way to define the national political debate than a presidential campaign. If it weren’t for Edwards and Clinton calling for health reform in 2008, President Obama might not have prioritized the Affordable Care Act. We need Warren’s voice in the race in 2016 so that critical issues like fighting inequality and building an economy that works for all are front and center in the debate.

Our best candidates in a contested Democratic primary

Contested primaries are what democracy's all about. They give candidates experience that makes them stronger, bring more people into the process, give voters and activists an opportunity to make our voices heard, and ensure bold new ideas can be debated. And the best primaries are the ones where the best candidates run. That means Elizabeth Warren.

Senator Warren hasn’t just studied the struggles of America’s working families — she has lived them. She was born and raised in Oklahoma, in a family “on the ragged edge of the middle class.” When she was twelve, her father, a maintenance worker, had a heart attack, and the family fell on hard times. Senator Warren began babysitting at age 9, waiting tables at 13, was married at 19, and put herself through a public university and then law school while raising two small children. All three of her brothers served in the military. She knows what it’s like to work hard and struggle to get by, and that’s what motivates her to stand up to corporate interests and fight for the rest of us every day.

Senator Warren went on to become one of the country’s foremost experts on the economic pressures squeezing the middle class, and used her professorship at Harvard Law School to contribute to the national debate about economic fairness. In November 2012, she was elected to represent the people of Massachusetts in the United States Senate. She credits her incredible success to the fact that she “grew up in an America that was building a future for ALL of its children.” Her life's work has been to create that America once again.

What people are saying

“Elizabeth Warren’s entire career has been about exalting Main Street’s cause, and standing up to Wall Street to do it.”

“Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat of Massachusetts, spoke up for poor and middle-class Americans last week when she excoriated the federal government for making money on the student loan program.”

“The plainspoken voice of people getting crushed by so many predatory lenders and underregulated banks.”

Her story:

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For more information on Elizabeth Warren's background, positions, and work in the U.S. Senate, visit elizabethwarren.com and warren.senate.gov.