Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening to Run Warren Run?

We're suspending this effort. We'd, of course, still love to see Senator Warren run, but now that we've illustrated the huge opening that exists for her, we're resting our case and will stop actively trying to draft her into the race.

We'll pivot our attention to the fights ahead, such as stopping Fast Track negotiating authority for the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, and we're excited to help the grassroots army that formed with the Run Warren Run campaign stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Senator Warren and other populist progressives in many other debates as we stand up to corporate interests and work together to level the economy playing field and make our economy and democracy work for everyone.

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Why are you calling the campaign a success?

Obviously we urged Senator Warren to run and wanted her to say yes, so we haven't achieved a central goal of persuading her to enter the presidential race—but even though she hasn't, the Run Warren Run campaign has built progressive power in key debates in Washington and has transformed the 2016 race by ensuring that each Democratic candidate is focused on the Warren Wing's populist progressive agenda from the very start of the campaign.

For more on why we see the campaign as a success, read Ilya Sheyman and Charles Chamberlain's op-ed here.

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Will MoveOn now support another candidate?

We will encourage all candidates to embrace the Warren agenda on the economy, pursue diplomacy over war, fight to get big money out of politics and address climate change, and present an agenda that speaks to the growing demands of the Movement for Black Lives, the need for immigration reform, and the whole of the progressive coalition.

We'll look for opportunities, once the field is set, to have all the candidates engage with and make the case to 8 million MoveOn members on key issues they care about, as we did in 2008 and in previous years.

We'll consider potential endorsements later on in the cycle if it appears MoveOn members might coalesce around a particular candidate. As in any election, if we do ultimately endorse a candidate, that endorsement would follow a MoveOn member vote.

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I have another question that's not on this list. Where can I find an answer?

If you have a question that was not answered, you can email us at [email protected].

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