Run Warren Run!

After so many powerful moments, we're suspending this campaign. Check out what we've built together:

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Sen. Warren's fight against economic inequality has helped drive the presidential debate.

In December 2014, MoveOn members launched the Run Warren Run campaign and set out to do two things: illuminate and broaden the path for Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016, should she decide to do so; and build a grassroots movement to fight alongside her.

Six months after starting this journey, MoveOn members, our partners at Democracy for America, New York Working Families Party, and others, have helped demonstrate the tremendous base of grassroots support and energy—not just for Elizabeth Warren, but for her vision of a democracy restored and an economy that works for everyone.

Now, we're shifting our focus to support that vision.


“Elizabeth Warren is the face of the Democratic party for the 21st century. Whether or not she chooses to run for president in 2016, she will be the leader for progressive Americans who will support her and her policy decisions.”

“I applaud Move On for urging Senator Warren to run for President. She would be an excellent candidate. Her ideas are excellent and would be healthy progress for our country if they were put into practice.”

“I for one think Elizabeth Warren would be by far the best candidate and probably one of the greatest people's champion of all time.”

“Senator Warren would have been a great choice for president, possibly the best we've ever had, and it would be great to have an authentically progressive woman in the office.”

“I admire her greatly because she knows what she talks about when analyzing contemporary capitalism. We need her, and I believe we will have her leadership through this presidential campaign and beyond.”

What you do is special. You make democracy work, you give us all hope, and most of all, you make us stronger ... I'm very grateful but now there's work to be done, so let's get to it!

AP Photo/Steven Senne

A Look Back at the Campaign

Run, Warren, Run!